Planning for Doan Brook

The following is a list of planning events focusing on the restoration of Doan Brook, including The City of Cleveland's official public meetings. For more information, go to the Doan Brook Watershed Partnership.

No public meetings at this time.

The City of Cleveland Departments of Port Control and Water Pollution Control conducted the second of three public meetings for the Doan Brook Restoration Project on May 13, 2002. The purpose of the public meetings is to obtain input into the design during the initial phases of the project. In addition, these meetings are being held to the requirements of the Section 106 process under the National Historic Preservation Act.

Project Description: The City of Cleveland Department of Port Control (DPC) plans to restore portions of the Doan Brook in Rockefeller Park. This project is required by the Section 401/404 permitting process for the expansion of Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. The portion of Doan Brook to be restored under this project includes the stream segment between Euclid Avenue and Interstate Highway 90 (I-90). The project goals as stated in the Ohio EPA Director's Final Findings and Orders (401 waiver):

  • Reduction of peak flow velocity
  • Reduction of flood elevation
  • Development of stable riparian vegetation
  • Maintenance of stable in-stream structural habitat features
  • Enhancement of aquatic life and related terrestrial fauna
  • Improved recreational and educational uses

All questions and comments should be directed to:

Keith R. Jones, Executive Director
Doan Brook Watershed Partnership

A multi-stakeholder non-profit working to protect and restore Doan Brook


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