2005 Burning River Fest Schedule

12:00-12:05 Kent Gueist gives brief welcome and overview of the day, explains Top 10 concept and introduces the Aphrodisiatics

12:05-12:30 Aphrodisiatics perform on main stage

12:30-12:38 MC introduces first and second “Top 10 reasons" speakers while both speakers walk on stage together but present one at a time

12:38 Speaker # 2 welcomes back Aphrodisiatics

12:38-1:07 Aphrodisiatics perform on main stage

1:07-1:08 MC thanks Aphrodisiatics and welcomes Pat and Dan Conway, founders and owners, Great Lakes Brewing Co. and announces that kid’s activities will begin in 5 minutes in the kid’s area

1:08-1:12 Pat Conway explains his “vision” of Burning River Fest, explains the food concept and thanks key corporate sponsors of the festival. Lastly, Pat introduces and welcomes Andrew Watterson, Sustainability Programs Manager, or Mayor Jane Campbell

1:12-1:17 Andrew Watterson and/or Mayor Campbell speak

1:17 –1:19 MC thanks Andrew Watterson and/or the Mayor and introduces Elaine Marsh of Friends of the Cooked River

1:19-1:29 Elaine Marsh Speech

1:15 Storyteller (Ray) performs at kids area (30 minute program)

1:29-1:31 MC comes out and thanks Elaine and introduces Vicky Chew

1:31-2:00 Vicky Chew performs on stage and then takes a short break

2:00-2:02 MC comes out and introduces Top 3, and 4 speakers and announces that a kid’s activity begins in 10 minutes in the kid’s area

1:56-2:04Top 3 and 4 speakers present

2:05pm (storyteller # 2 Nelson performs at kid’s stage) 30 minute performance

2:04-2:30 Vicky Chew finishes up her performance and announces that the Green City Blue Lake Awards (aka Bioregional Heroes) are up next

2:30-2:32 MC introduces David Beach and announces that second kid’s activity is getting ready to start in the kid’s activities area

2:35 (storyteller Ray performs a 30 minute piece for kid’s)

2:32-3 pm Green City Blue Lake Awards presented

3:00-3:08 MC introduces CORL (choral) Confederation of Religious Leadership for a Blessing of the Water Ceremony

3:09-3:10 MC welcomes presenters #5 and 6

3:11-3:15 Presenters 5 and 6 give their speeches

3:15-3:17 MC welcomes Latin Jazz Project and announces that David Orr’s speech will begin around 3:50

3:17-3:50 Latin Jazz Project performs on main stage

3:30 storyteller Nelson presents a 30 minute piece for kids

3:50-3:52 David Beach introduces David Orr

3:53-4:25 David Orr Speech

4:25-4:27 MC thanks David Orr and welcomes Latin Jazz back to the stage

4:27-4:55 Latin Jazz Project performs their final set

4:55-5:01 Speakers #7 and 8 present their

5:01-5:06 MC thanks presenters and raffles off rain barrels and art work and announces that Joe Rohan Band will begin in 5 minutes

5:06-6:00 Joe Rohan Band introduce themselves and begin performing and announce they’re taking a short break at 6pm

6:00-6:03 MC thanks restaurants for they’re support and introduces speakers # 9 and 10

6:03-6:09 Speakers 9 and 10 deliver speeches

6:09-6:45 Joe Rohan Band back on stage for final set

6:46 MC introduces Pat Conway and/or Dan Conway who conclude the event and invite everyone to Burning River Fest 2006

7 p.m. MC final wrap up

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